The following prices are based on one property. Discounts available for multiple locations agreed upon at the time of the contract.

Real Estate Photography

Exterior Videography/Photography

$250 –  includes a 2-3 minute video of the home and property.

$150 – includes 7-8 enhanced photos taken from our flying camera.

Interior Videography

$289 – up to 2,500 square feet
$339 – 2,500 to 4,000 square feet
$395 – 4,000+ square feet

You will receive a 3-5 minute video of the interior rooms using the latest photography equipment to capture the warmth and comfort of the home.

What makes Drone Video Services different?

We want to earn your trust and your business. And we don’t load our pricing with “revenue enhancing” up-sells.

  • We don’t sell Temporary Usage Rights and then charge Permanent usage rights. You buy it, you own it.
  • We don’t sell our services by the hour or charge for extra time.
  • We own our own Aerial equipment and don’t charge exorbitant prices that can exceed $700 or more that most realty photographers charge.
  • We don’t charge “rush” delivery charges – ever.
  • We don’t charge extra to make the grass green or the sky blue like most others.
  • We don’t charge you for acts of God like inclement weather.
  • We don’t charge a cancellation fee.
  • We are registered and licensed with the FAA to conduct business with our drones.

*Please note that we reserve the right to use any photos and videos strictly for promotional purposes.