News Footage


Drones are being used as a valuable tool for news gathering as TV stations and networks across the country begin to experiment with these smaller, compact, and easier to maneuver devices that come equipped with high-definition cameras.

Drone Video Services can be used to fly over the scenes of a breaking news story, or we can capture shots for weather forecasts. We can also be tasked with providing various shots throughout the newscast.

Drones are very useful in covering natural disasters, environmental news, traffic news, weather news or stories that require showing wide areas of land. Also, stories about property, road development, or construction are just a few of the many ways that drones can be utilized, but their uses are hardly limited to just these areas.tornado

News drones have the advantage of being smaller and less expensive than news helicopters and also offer some safety advantages. In the event of a crash or mechanical failure, no on-board crew is put in danger.

Drones are also able to fly at lower heights than helicopters and also offer the advantage of being quieter. Just like helicopters, drones have limited use during certain weather conditions, particularly during violent storms or times of high winds.

Like that captured by news helicopters, drone footage may be aired live via wireless transmission technologies or stored on media for editing and playback later.

If you have a breaking story and need news coverage, please contact us for availability.