How would you like a complimentary 2-3 minute aerial video of one of your properties?

In order to help you sell more of your properties, I am offering to record a YouTube video using a DJI Phantom 4 quadcopter, which will capture your listing’s stunning beauty and unique features in 4K HD. I will then give you exclusive rights to that same video so that you can use it to sell your client’s property.

Feel free to post it on your website or give it to your clients for them to share on social media. The possibilities are endless!

My offer is entirely, completely, one hundred percent free!

This offer is valued at $250, with no strings attached. I promise that you and your clients will love it!

Aerial videography is cutting edge technology and will help you sell more of your listings. If you aren’t already using drone photography, you will need to in order to attract more buyers and stand out above your competition.

stone-canyon-facing-downYour potential buyers are doing a lot of browsing for properties online instead of going house-to-house with an agent. They will choose what they wish to see in-person only after looking through dozens of listings, and if your listing isn’t visually appealing, they will move on.

That’s were I come in with my aerial video! With my drone, I can capture angles and perspectives that can only be seen from above. Your client’s listings will stand out, which will improve the traffic and increase the likelihood of a sale.

What do I get out of it?

I am so confident that you will enjoy success with this video that you will want to use my services in the future.

That’s it!

This offer is limited to the first 10 people who respond, and slots are filling up fast!

If you don’t have a listing that would benefit from this offer, then feel free to refer this limited-time offer to other agents that you know.

If you are worried about licensing or insurance, our company is in compliance with the latest FAA regulations that require a Remote Airman certification in order to charge for our services. We’ve got you covered!

You can view my latest video online at:

Click here if you are interested!

I look forward to hearing from you very soon…